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Welding Certification Classes in NJ

Welding Certification Classes in NJ - Eastwick College

Welding cannot be done by just anyone, it is an art that takes a lot of time and practice. It is important to get the education and certifications necessary to demonstrate your skillset. Eastwick College offers welding certification classes in NJ for their Welding Diploma Program in Paterson, New Jersey. These classes train students in …

What Jobs Can a Surgical Tech Do

Surgical Technology Degree Program In NJ - Eastwick College

When people think of a job in the healthcare industry, doctors or nurses usually come to mind. However, there’s a wide variety of occupations in the healthcare industry that all require different levels of education and certifications. Healthcare occupations, such as surgical technologists, are on the rise due to an increase in life expectancy. This …

How a Technical School Can Provide Better Value Than A 4-Year

Though the traditional path after high school is to enroll in a four-year university to obtain a bachelor’s degree, there may be a better option: technical school. Technical school provides individuals with the necessary degrees, diplomas or certificates at an affordable price and in a realistic amount of time to head into the workforce. At …

Roles and Responsibilities of a Facilities Manager

facilities management student looks at compartments filled with wires

Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are a must when it comes to working as a facilities manager. Improving processes and productivity along with staying on budget are also important responsibilities you’ll have. If you like to get your hands dirty and enjoy working on a variety of projects throughout the day, a career in facilities …

Occupational Therapy Assistant Salary in NJ

occupational therapist students practice using tool to increase muscle strength

When someone finds difficulties in day-to-day activities due to an injury, illness or disability, an Occupational Therapy Assistant may be needed. If you love to help others, consider critical thinking to be a strong skill of yours, you are compassionate and hard-working, this might be the perfect profession for you. Occupational Therapy Assistant Salary Average …

What an Associate Degree in Health Science Prepares You For

health science student practices using tubes in a centrifuge

Health science covers a wide range of topics in the health field. Learning how to schedule appointments, maintain health records and billing, prep patients for an exam, draw blood and take vital signs are just a few things you may find yourself doing as you pursue an associate degree in Health Science. There are approximately …

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