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Why the Need for Surgeons and Surgical Technologists is Rising

Surgical Technologist Program in Ramsey, NJ

If you are interested in working alongside a skilled team of healthcare professionals who assist in life-saving procedures, the growing surgical technology field may be the perfect fit for you. Surgical technologists help set up sterile operating areas and provide optimal patient care before surgery. They also assist the operating team during surgery, during every …

How to Transform Your IT Knowledge into a Healthcare Career

Health Information Technology In NJ - Eastwick College

If you have a passion for healthcare, but are squeamish at the sight of blood, pursuing a health information technology degree could be the perfect fit for you. This Eastwick College program will give you a combination of business administration, organization, and communication skills that will prepare you for this fast-growing field. Learn about the …

Health Information Technology Jobs in a Digital Age

Health Information Technology Jobs & College Program - NJ - Eastwick College

A health information technology job can be very rewarding. As a health information technician, you are responsible for maintaining the health records of all patients which include their medical histories, observations by physicians and treatment plans. In the digital age, the medical industry is rapidly moving towards the use of electronic health records and leaving …

Eastwick College Founder Honored for Dedication to Community Service

Thomas Eastwick, president and founder of Eastwick College was recognized in June 2017 for his dedication to the community and devotion to education. The award was presented at the Nutley Chamber of Commerce Membership Luncheon. Thomas Eastwick’s life’s work has been to educate those in need–that’s why Eastwick College provides students with an affordable education …

Health Information Technology: 4 Career Path Tips

Health Information Technology Program NJ

As it’s a relatively new and growing field, not everyone is familiar with the term health information technology (also known as HIT). Health IT is the 21st century’s solution to medical billing and coding, with a focus on using computer systems instead of paper records for storing and retrieving medical information, with new innovations every …

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