Frequently Asked Questions About Culinary School

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Culinary school is a great career path for those with a passion for food, cooking and flavor. Becoming proficient in food preparation, bar management, nutrition, facilities design and event planning are areas that are covered in culinary school. Upon completion of a culinary school program, graduates should feel comfortable with aspects of working in a restaurant setting beyond mixing and sauteeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you learn in a culinary school?

Students cover a wide variety of topics while at culinary school. At Eastwick, students are introduced to the entire industry, such as fast food, hotels and resorts, cruises and bars, sports and entertainment, fine dining, and small business. Through this exposure, we hope that it will allow students to find where they belong in the food industry. Students will also be trained to use classical cooking techniques to give them a strong grasp on the roots of cooking that will then allow them to fuse different cuisines together and create new recipes. They will also learn how to elegantly plate food and decorate desserts.

2. What is the average salary and job growth for a chef?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected job growth for chefs and head cooks is 10 percent through 2026. This is faster than the average occupation job growth which is 7 percent. In the NY/NJ metro area, the annual mean wage for a chef is $47,470.

3. What certifications are offered through the Eastwick Culinary Arts program?

Throughout their time enrolled in the Culinary Arts program, students will have the opportunity to become certified in a number of different organizations such as the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF), the American Culinary Federation (ACF), the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

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