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The Unique Benefits Of A Manufacturing And Welding Career

Manufacturing Technology & Welding Degree NJ

Careers and specialties that require hands-on experience are on the rise in the United States. People who like working with their hands and getting the job done are in demand everywhere in different fields and markets. Manufacturing and welding are both fields where opportunity is abundant and skills are in demand. The skillset required for …

Top Careers for 2020: Why 2020 is the Year of the Trade

2020 Trade Jobs - Trades College - Eastwick College NJ

In the United States, going to college, getting a degree, and proceeding to get a white-collar job tends to be the societal standard for a successful career. The reality is, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While pursuing a college degree in a white-collar degree program can be beneficial for many, it is not …

Diploma Programs That Can Be Completed in Under 1 Year

Under One Year Diploma Programs in NJ - Eastwick College

Are you ready to go back to school and advance your future career, but also cannot afford to be in school for years? It may seem impossible to get an education without years of schooling, but luckily there are a few options for you. Here is a list of the programs at Eastwick College that …

Welding Certification Classes in NJ

Welding Certification Classes in NJ - Eastwick College

Welding cannot be done by just anyone, it is an art that takes a lot of time and practice. It is important to get the education and certifications necessary to demonstrate your skillset. Eastwick College offers welding certification classes in NJ for their Welding Diploma Program in Paterson, New Jersey. These classes train students in …

What is Welding?

Close up of metal being welded together

Welding is an art form that requires training and practice before mastering this skill. Welders work in a wide variety of environments, and a solid understanding of Stick, TIG and MIG welding can help you be a more well-rounded candidate for a job in this field. If you are embarking on a career in the …

What Kinds of Jobs Do Welders Have?

Welding Career Bergen County NJ

Welding is one of the few fields that offer dynamic, lucrative career options without a four-year degree. In fact, welders work alongside professionals in engineering, robotics, and project management with diplomas earned in a year or less. Here are some career options open to certified welders: Underwater Also known as hyperbaric welding, weld jobs sometimes …

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