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Benefits of Studying Business and Hospitality

Business and hospitality are two fields that are extremely important in today’s world. Hospitality professionals are in-demand with every business, and they represent the company’s image on the frontlines. Along with this, the field has an extreme potential for growth in the near feature and entails a variety of skills. At Eastwick College, we offer …

Funeral Service Careers May Be a Better Option Than You Think

Funeral Service Associate Degree Program

Some people might get the impression that the funeral industry is a morbid and depressing area to work in. However, this career can be rewarding as well as fulfilling to those with the social skills and emotional intelligence to comfort mourners. Those in this field make it their mission to celebrate life rather than focus …

How Courses in Event Planning Could Lead to Your Dream Job

Event Planning School In NJ - Eastwick College

Do you like working with people, helping others, and staying organized? If this sounds like you, you may have considered taking courses in event planning and/or pursuing a degree in business and hospitality. The curriculum of the business and hospitality program at Eastwick College includes marketing, hotel sales, hotel operations, business law, human resource management, …

Hospitality Management Degree: More Than Hotel Management

hotel personnel opening the door to a room to be hospitable

If you have pondered a career in hotel management, you likely have the traits of someone who loves helping others, and your strong suit lies in your organizational skills. Fortunately, these traits can give you a huge advantage in hospitality management, as this profession is so much more than just managing a hotel. The industry …

Eastwick College Focuses on Transferable Skills

Business & Hospitality Degree - Hackensack, Nutley, NJ

In recent years, many high school graduates are weighing their options between pricey four-year institutions that will put them in decades of debt against colleges that offer associate’s degrees to prepare them for a specific career. For many, a school like Eastwick College is the right choice. Eastwick College’s Hospitality degree blends the skills needed …

Eastwick College Offers Top Value

Newly graduated student smiling in front of tree

As student loan debt continues to mount in this country, young people are becoming increasingly wary of institutions that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and don’t prepare them with the skills necessary to enter the 21st century workforce. When weighing the options between entering the workforce or investing in higher education, schools need to …

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