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Funeral Service Careers May Be a Better Option Than You Think

Funeral Service Associate Degree Program

Some people might get the impression that the funeral industry is a morbid and depressing area to work in. However, this career can be rewarding as well as fulfilling to those with the social skills and emotional intelligence to comfort mourners. Those in this field make it their mission to celebrate life rather than focus …

Value of a Funeral Service Management Degree

Value of Funeral Service Management Degree - Eastwick College NJ

If you are compassionate, supportive, and want to offer guidance to those who are going through a difficult time, a career in funeral service management may be right for you. This career can be rewarding when you know that you have helped others through one of their worst times. If you are thinking about joining …

Eastwick College Founder Honored for Dedication to Community Service

Thomas Eastwick, president and founder of Eastwick College was recognized in June 2017 for his dedication to the community and devotion to education. The award was presented at the Nutley Chamber of Commerce Membership Luncheon. Thomas Eastwick’s life’s work has been to educate those in need–that’s why Eastwick College provides students with an affordable education …

3 Reasons to Consider Pursuing a Degree in Funeral Services

Funeral Services Associate Degree - Hackensack, NJ

The centuries-old tradition of directing funerals is a vital function of society. Those who work in the funeral service industry take pride in the work they do to preserve human dignity beyond death. If you’re looking for a career change, here’s what you should know about pursuing a career in Funeral Services.   Funeral service …

Eastwick Offers Only Funeral Degree in Northern NJ

Funeral service students observe as teacher demonstrates procedure

The funeral service program offered by Eastwick College is accredited by ABFSE and can be completed in 24 months Aspiring funeral directors in the area had it rough up until a few years ago: they were faced with the prospect of a long commute to attend classes in Manhattan, or an equally long commute to …

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