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Importance of Trades: A Career in HVAC

Eastwick College offers both 12 Month (Day Classes) and 16 Month (Evening Classes) programs for those interested in pursuing a career in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR). In addition to the education provided, students will also earn certifications and affiliations through the HVACR program. Importance of Trade Schools for HVAC Trade schools are …

The Value of Apprenticeships in Trades

Electrician Apprenticeship NJ - Plumber Apprenticeship NJ

Beginning an apprenticeship for a trade like plumbing, electrical work, or HVAC can set you up with a strong start to a fulfilling career. Beginning your career path in an apprenticeship program can give you the necessary knowledge to be on your way beyond your apprenticeship years. The guidance an experienced tradesman can provide an …

Refrigeration, Electrical and HVAC School | Where to Start

air conditioning units suspended against a wall

As an HVACR technician, your days will be busy installing, maintaining and repairing both heating and air-conditioning systems, as well as refrigeration and ventilation systems. Mechanics, technicians, installers, and engineers all play important roles in keeping these systems up and running. If this sounds like your cup o’ joe, continue reading to learn how to …

Why Should You Get HVACR Certified?

HVACR Training Program NJ

HVACR technicians are in demand, and this interesting field has provided thousands of technicians in this area with steady employment. With dynamic working environments, HVACR is a field that anyone over the age of 21 can break into. In the state of New Jersey, in order to become an HVACR technician in this growing field, …

Career Opportunities Heating Up in HVACR

HVACR Apprenticeship - Bergen County NJ

Unique apprenticeship program at Eastwick College provides formal training for one of the fastest-growing trade careers You may not spend your day thinking about it, but heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems are an important part of your life. Known collectively as HVACR, it’s what keeps you comfortable in your home and at work, …

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