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Skills Every IT/Network Support Graduate Should Have

IT/Networking servers

With most of the world relying on computers and electronics to run countless jobs, the demand for specialists in this field continues to rise. IT Support is needed now more than ever in every field, including automotive, industrial, marine, and aerospace. Graduates from this program learn the fundamentals of electronics and computers and cover networking, …

The Benefits of an IT or Network Support Degree

IT/Network Support Degree Nutley NJ

For over two decades, all businesses have come to rely on computers to perform duties and communicate both internally and externally. Unfortunately, sometimes these computers and networks don’t work properly or suffer technological issues that only a professional can diagnose and resolve. These professionals are in the field of IT/Network Support. This occupation involves knowledge …

Is a Degree in Information Technology Right for You?

Information Technology Degree in Bergen County, NJ

As the world becomes more reliant on technology and as technology becomes more advanced, careers in the technology industry will continue to rise. If you like to be creative, solve problems, and keep organized, then a degree in Information Technology could be right for you. The information technology industry can open many doors for you …

Technology Careers That Have a High Earning Potential

technology student practices wiring cables

There is a wide variety of specialty occupations within the technology careers field which do not require an advanced degree. Many of these titles, such as IT Technicians and Computer Technology Specialists, have high earning potential when considering the time invested in school. compiled a list of ten tech jobs that make the most …

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