Technology Careers That Have a High Earning Potential

technology student practices wiring cables

There is a wide variety of specialty occupations within the technology careers field which do not require an advanced degree. Many of these titles, such as IT Technicians and Computer Technology Specialists, have high earning potential when considering the time invested in school. compiled a list of ten tech jobs that make the most money, and Eastwick College offers specialized training for these careers that made the list.

IT/Network Support

Eastwick College’s 18-month (day) IT/Network Support program will prepare graduates to earn certifications in Comp TIA A+, Network+, Security+ and other certifications. On average, a computer user support specialist in the NY/NJ Metro Area can earn over $63,000.

Electronics and Computer Technology

After successful completion of Eastwick’s Electronics and Computer Technology program, graduates will be trained and prepared to take on entry-level electronics and computer technology positions with room to grow. In 2017, the median pay for a computer network support specialist was $82,910 in the NY/NJ Metro Area.

With so many opportunities in this everchanging field, and the flexibility to go to school at night or during the day, a career in technology is not as unattainable as one may assume.