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How to Have a Career in the Medical Field in a Year or Less

1 Year Medical Career in Bergen County, NJ

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get a degree without spending 2 to 4 years in college. If you are thinking of joining the medical field and were expecting to spend many years in college, it’s important to know that there are other options available to you. Eastwick College offers degree programs in …

Benefits of Having Medical Coding Certifications

Medical Billing & Coding Certification - Hackensack & Nutley, NJ

A career in medical coding can offer you stable, reliable employment. Though no school can guarantee employment upon graduation, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for Medical Records and Health Information Technicians is expected to grow 13% in the coming year. The relief of steady employment may have you excited to learn more, …

Three Certificate Programs That Can Jump Start Your Career

Certification Programs Bergen County NJ

If you’ve considered invigorating your career by obtaining a higher level of competency, you might be exploring different certificate programs in your field—or even a completely new one! Whether you’re stuck in a rut or you just want a fresh start without the commitment of a four-year college, consider these three certificate programs that might …

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