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Technology Careers That Have a High Earning Potential

technology student practices wiring cables

There is a wide variety of specialty occupations within the technology careers field which do not require an advanced degree. Many of these titles, such as IT Technicians and Computer Technology Specialists, have high earning potential when considering the time invested in school. compiled a list of ten tech jobs that make the most …

Computer Technology Degree or Diploma: 5 Reasons You Need It

computer chip close up

Earning a diploma or degree in computer technology can jumpstart your career. Electronic and computer technicians are needed in most industries; communications, automotive and aerospace are just a few. Technical skills are in high demand and having the right tools at the right time can help get your foot in the door in this competitive …

Eastwick College Offers Top Value

Newly graduated student smiling in front of tree

As student loan debt continues to mount in this country, young people are becoming increasingly wary of institutions that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and don’t prepare them with the skills necessary to enter the 21st century workforce. When weighing the options between entering the workforce or investing in higher education, schools need to …

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