What is a Facilities Manager’s Job Description? What You Need to Know

facilities manager student practicing installing a power outlet

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, property, real estate, and community association managers, also known as facilities managers on average earn a very strong salary in the NY/NJ Metro Area. From now until 2026, this occupation is expected to grow 11%, creating more than 44,000 new jobs. This enticing career does not come without big responsibility, however, with everyone at a construction site answering to you.

Manager Job Description

A career in facilities management can be exciting. Day-to-day tasks may vary and are not limited to property development, building maintenance, carpentry, painting and electrical repair. Your goal is to oversee all functions and work to improve processes and productivity of the business and people involved. Staying on budget and successfully completing the necessary tasks is an important role of the Facilities Manager. The facilities management team should meet the organization’s needs and continually try to improve all aspects of the facilities of the organization.
According to Indeed.com, here is a sample of a Facilities Manager Job Description:

“…The Facilities Manager will be responsible for inspecting, maintaining and repairing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems to ensure optimal operating results…”

Eastwick College offers a Facilities Management program that can be completed in a 9-month time span if taken during the day, or 18-months if taken during the evening. Students will dive into a curriculum that covers all areas required to be considered a Facilities Manager. This includes construction principles, maintenance and repair of both residential and corporate buildings, along with welding, electrical work and carpentry. Having knowledge in all aspects of Facilities Management is key to having a successful career.

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