Health Information Technology Jobs in a Digital Age

Health Information Technology Jobs & College Program - NJ - Eastwick College

A health information technology job can be very rewarding. As a health information technician, you are responsible for maintaining the health records of all patients which include their medical histories, observations by physicians and treatment plans. In the digital age, the medical industry is rapidly moving towards the use of electronic health records and leaving physical files and papers behind.

A Look into the Program

At Eastwick College, you can earn an associate degree in Health Information Technology in just 15 short months with day classes. Students looking for Health Information Technology jobs will train with the most up-to-date medical records technology used by leading healthcare organizations to help prepare you for the real world. Through specialized hands-on learning, you will feel prepared to enter the workforce upon completion of the program.

The Career Field

Health information technicians are responsible for organizing and evaluating all health records to ensure they are complete and accurate. Just one small change in the medical record can have a much larger impact on the insurance aspect or other aspects of the patient’s care plan. They also need to communicate with the physicians and other healthcare professionals to clarify or record additional information regarding the patient. A Health Information Technology job is sure to be challenging, rewarding and exciting.

Job Data

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical Records and Health Information Technology jobs are expected to increase by 13 percent through the year 2026, that’s equal to 27,800 new jobs. This is much faster compared to the average job growth rate which is just 7 percent. The reason why this career is in demand is because most healthcare organizations are making the switch to electronic health records, if they haven’t already. In the NY/ NJ metro area, the annual mean wage for this career is $50,050.

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