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Is a Degree in Computer Technology the Right Fit for You?

IT students practice measuring electric flow in device

Computers play an important role in our everyday lives; we rely on them heavily for everything from looking up information to completing work for our jobs. As more and more technology becomes readily available at our fingertips, we need more humans to specialize in different computer related areas.  Computer Technology in Businesses Whether a company …

How to Put Your Occupational Therapy Assistant Degree to Work

If you feel passionate about helping individuals get back on their feet after an injury, illness or disability, a career as an occupational therapy assistant may be the right fit for you. A career in occupational therapy can be incredibly rewarding by helping patients overcome the obstacles of recovery while improving the skills they need …

Funeral Service Careers May Be a Better Option Than You Think

Funeral Service Associate Degree Program

Some people might get the impression that the funeral industry is a morbid and depressing area to work in. However, this career can be rewarding as well as fulfilling to those with the social skills and emotional intelligence to comfort mourners. Those in this field make it their mission to celebrate life rather than focus …

Why the Need for Surgeons and Surgical Technologists is Rising

Surgical Technologist Program in Ramsey, NJ

If you are interested in working alongside a skilled team of healthcare professionals who assist in life-saving procedures, the growing surgical technology field may be the perfect fit for you. Surgical technologists help set up sterile operating areas and provide optimal patient care before surgery. They also assist the operating team during surgery, during every …

The Benefits of Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed Practical Nursing Program in Bergen County, NJ

Becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN) is a particularly good strategy for those entering the modern medical field. LPNs have become increasingly desirable to healthcare providers due to their skill diversity and overall versatility. If you have strong organizational and communication skills as well as a passion for healthcare, it may be worth joining the …

Information Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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