Surgical Technology vs. Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography

Surgical Technology School NJ

When considering versatile careers, jobs in the medical field are usually at the top of the list. Medicine is home to numerous jobs, duties, and professions that can be done in a variety of work environments. Eastwick College offers degrees and certificates in many healthcare occupations. Two exciting options with excellent growth potential are Surgical Technology and Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography. While each field has similarities, there are also differences worth exploring.


Surgical Technology and Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography have similarities in the skills employed and the technical nature of the work. Both of these positions require working closely with physicians or surgeons. One’s work will be vital for doctors to diagnose and treat a patient’s medical condition. Each field of study includes hands-on training in state-of-the-art labs and require a deep understanding of the equipment involved. Also required are excellent communication skills to relay information clearly and accurately to doctors and patients.


The difference between each field lies in the specific duties and specialties that are involved. Surgical Technology involves working closely with a surgical team to set up a sterile operating area and provide optimal patient care before surgery. During surgery, they assist the operating room team in all phases of the surgical procedure utilizing a wide variety of instruments to enable a comprehensive range of services. Cardiovascular sonographers collaborate with doctors to diagnose and treat heart and peripheral vascular conditions. They also maintain testing equipment, clarify test procedures, and analyze results to determine any irregularities.

Eastwick College offers associate degrees in Surgical Technology at our Ramsey campus and Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography at our Ramsey and Nutley campuses. Visit our website to learn more, or contact us at 201-379-1884 today!