A Rewarding Career Path in Pharmacy Tech

There is more involved to being a Pharmacy Technician than most people realize. This career path holds a host of benefits and skills that can be utilized in other parts of life. Read on to see just how rewarding it can be to become a Pharmacy Tech.

Meet New People
Working as a pharmacy tech means you will get to work with people face-to-face, making it the ideal working environment for those who want to gain valuable customer service experience. This is a rewarding career because you are assisting people with potentially life saving medication. This is a rewarding career because you get to help those who really need it.

Learning Opportunity
A majority of this job includes working with medications, so you will need to understand the science behind the medications you’re handling. Because there are so many different ways a prescription could affect the body, it’s important to understand how someone’s medication could interact with over-the-counter medicines they’re using. In Eastwick’s College’s Pharmacy Tech program students learn how various medications interact with each other so that they can accurately advise patients.

The Pharmacy Technician position is flexible in many ways. If you are more introverted, there are pharmacy positions that solely entail filling prescriptions. There are a variety of work environments to choose from as well as certifications in this field.

Eastwick College offers a Diploma Program for Pharmacy Technician at select Eastwick campuses. Visit our website to learn more or contact us at 201-379-1884 today!