Skills Every IT/Network Support Graduate Should Have

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With most of the world relying on computers and electronics to run countless jobs, the demand for specialists in this field continues to rise. IT Support is needed now more than ever in every field, including automotive, industrial, marine, and aerospace. Graduates from this program learn the fundamentals of electronics and computers and cover networking, software, hardware, wireless technology, and fiber optics. In addition to knowing all about IT/Network Support, graduates should also harness select skills to get the job done properly. Here are the skills every graduate of IT/Network Support should have:

Working Under Pressure

Sometimes there will be days when systems go wrong. Promptly diagnosing and troubleshooting these issues will be necessary. Working under pressure, despite not being a technical skill, is one of the most valuable skills to have as an IT Support Specialist. It is imperative to get websites and the overall integrity of business systems back on track if something goes awry.

Good Listening

IT/Network Support specialists must possess excellent listening skills to assist clients. Being able to listen to and remember a client’s needs is paramount when working for them. In addition, one needs to be diligent about keeping up with changes in the technological world which could have an impact on the company or the job.

Documenting Habits

Just because everything is digital doesn’t mean one shouldn’t take notes. Documenting important details like passwords, who has access to the server room, and where the event logs are kept is vital in keeping the IT department organized and ready to solve issues as they arise.

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