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The Benefits of Becoming a Bilingual Licensed Practical Nurse (BLPN)

Bilingual Licensed Practical Nurse Bergen County

The road to becoming a Bilingual Licensed Practical Nurse (BLPN) might be challenging but knowing that there are plenty of benefits to the job can make the journey a little more worth it. Keep reading to learn more about some of the biggest pros that come with becoming a BLPN.    Job Security  The healthcare …

Why Bilingual Nursing Programs are So Important

Bilingual Nursing Program. Happy Nurse Smiling with patients. LPN Program at Eastwick College

According to recent census data, about 7% of the United States population does not speak English. Communicating with non-English speaking patients effectively who need medical attention is a big topic in the healthcare industry. If English is your second language, and you dream of being able to help those in need who do not speak …

4 Reasons Why Nursing Can Be a Rewarding Career

Nursing Career Bergen County NJ

Nursing can be a challenging field to be in, although it is also one of the most rewarding career paths. Nurses are absolutely crucial to the healthcare industry, and we all need nurses at some point in our lives. If you are passionate about patient care and pride yourself in your attention to detail, a …

Eastwick College Offers Easier Path to Nursing Career

LPN program students practice taking liquid out of bottles using syringes

By focusing on hands-on training and cutting out irrelevant coursework, students are able to graduate in just 12 months It’s an appealing career for many, with high demand, strong salary potential, and the opportunity to help others. However, for those that are interested in starting a career as a nurse, the path can also seem …

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