Promising Career Opportunities with an HVAC Degree

HVAC Degree Bergen County NJ

HVAC, (short for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is an essential profession that deals with various technologies that determine the humidity, temperature, and overall quality of the air in a building or enclosed space. HVAC is one of those professions that will never be in low demand. If you own a home or a building, then you need a functioning HVAC system. Renting an apartment? HVAC. Staying one night at a hotel while out of town? Yup, HVAC.
At Eastwick College, you can enroll in an HVAC program that will train you to have a successful career in the field. Here are a few career options that Eastwick College could be preparing you for!

Wind Turbine Technician
The first career we’ll be looking at is a technician that works with wind turbines. The primary responsibility of these technicians, also referred to as wind techs, is to keep wind turbines up and running. They assist in the installation of the turbines, as well as inspecting them for any possible malfunction or damage. They also perform routine checks and required maintenance. Data from the turbine’s everyday functions can be redirected back to the technician for reports and data storage.

Refrigeration Technician
A position that we might come into contact with more frequently is a refrigeration tech. These technicians deal with more household issues, or anywhere one might find a refrigerator. These techs help maintain cooling and refrigeration systems in homes as well as commercial buildings or warehouses and can even assist on food delivery trucks. These systems are installed, repaired, upgraded, or replaced by these technicians. This position can mostly be acquired through a degree or certificate program, but you could also complete a hands-on apprenticeship.

Automotive HVAC Technician
An automotive HVAC technician can make the difference between a comfortable drive and a nightmare. These techs help to repair and maintain heating and AC systems in cars, trucks and other automobiles. Typically found in auto body shops, these technicians are always in demand, as car troubles arise for anyone who owns a car. Some auto shop employers may require these techs to gain their certification in a specific area, such as electric vehicles or transit vehicles.

Systems Engineer
One of the highest paying positions in the HVAC field is a systems engineer that works in the design and development processes of HVAC systems. They have the final say and can develop protocols for usage of the system, as well as choose a supply vendor, choose ductwork and pipework, and can determine methods of properly installing and maintaining the system. A bachelor’s degree in engineering is often required for this position.

For those looking to pursue a career in HVAC Servicing, Eastwick College offers a Diploma program that ranges from as short as 12 months for day students, to 16 months for evening students, conveniently held at our Nutley campus. Learn more about this program by visiting our website.