Registered Nursing: Why Now is the Best Time to Become an RN

Registered Nursing Degree Bergen County

Healthcare is not only exciting, but also one of the most important fields in the nation and the world. Registered Nurses are not only important for the ongoing pandemic, but also for other medical responsibilities that may be looked over as of late. Here are a few reasons why now is the best time to become a Registered Nurse:

Registered nursing is a popular career among the endless jobs in the healthcare field, it may be because of its versatility in what aspiring healthcare professionals can become skilled in. As a result of advances in technology and medicine, nurses can do more than ever before. With endless skill sets one can work toward mastering and an assortment of specialties to focus on, students never run out of new possibilities.

This specific branch of healthcare is not only rewarding in knowledge and experience, but also in financial support. The salary potential for registered nursing is amazing as the average salary for this job in New Jersey and New York is around $90,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The needs placed on the healthcare industry grow every year with doctors and nurses caring for an aging population. Registered nursing is one of the fastest growing careers in healthcare. There are a multitude of skills that nurses can train for as well as an assortment of specialties to focus on.

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