The Endless Potential with a Trade Career

Trade School Bergen County NJ

Having a trade is valuable not only as a career option but also in everyday life. In addition to being “hands-on”, trade professions provide a steady income. There are many advantages to learning a trade and many jobs that await a trade school graduate. Let’s look at just a few potential career choices for you.
Electricians are instrumental for the electrical functions of any building, home, or structure connected to power. Some electrician responsibilities include installing and maintaining electrical wiring systems, power, light, air conditioning and refrigeration for many commercial and residential buildings. As populations grow, businesses spring up, and technological and electrical regulations become increasingly demanding, electricians continue to grow in importance.
Those with HVACR training are able to control climate conditions in residential and commercial buildings, as well as refrigeration systems that control temperature and humidity in residences. With Eastwick College’s HVACR program, you will learn how to install, repair, and maintain residential and light commercial HVAC systems, with further training in mechanical and electrical components.
Plumbers are extremely important to have around when you have a pipe clog up or burst, or are having central water issues. Aside from residential calls, plumbers are instrumental in building and piping of new commercial buildings. They deal with consulting blueprints in order to implement piping systems, installing and maintaining pipes, and securing fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms. If you pursue this field, prepare for a career in residential and light commercial plumbing, with a specialization in maintaining plumbing fixtures, venting, drainage, and waste system management.
Facilities Management
Facilities management encompasses many different capacities related to property development and upkeep. Mostly building maintenance, carpentry, electrical repair, and painting. Those looking to go into this career path can learn lots of different skills and apply them to a work site. If you like keeping busy, a job with a facilities management degree could be the right choice.
For those looking to pursue a trade career, Eastwick College offers a Diploma program that ranges from as short as 12 months for day students, to as long as 16 months for evening students, conveniently held at our Nutley campus. Learn more!