Importance of Trades: A Career in HVAC

Eastwick College offers both 12 Month (Day Classes) and 16 Month (Evening Classes) programs for those interested in pursuing a career in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR). In addition to the education provided, students will also earn certifications and affiliations through the HVACR program.

Importance of Trade Schools for HVAC

Trade schools are a great option for those who are crafty and like to learn how to build things. Many people do not thrive in a 9–to-5 office job where you have to sit at a desk all day. For those who prefer to be on their feet more and do different things throughout the day, choosing a job in HVAC can fit these needs. Pursuing a trade school education for a career in HVAC provides an outlet for those who prefer work that is more hands-on. This career is fulfilling because you can work with the customers directly and contribute to helping them have a more comfortable and safer environment by improving the air quality and temperature in their homes. 


Increasing Need for HVAC

HVAC is a promising career choice with many opportunities for employment which provides job stability. There is a steady demand for HVAC since there will always be a want and need for air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems. There is a consistent need for installing new air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems as well as a need to repair old ones and have inspections to maintain quality control. Sadly, as the climate changes, there has been an increased need for air conditioning and heating systems due to the rapidly polarizing weather conditions that occur each year often in states that previously did not have such issues prior.

Did you know that graduates of our HVACR program meet all requirements for Universal EPA and R-410A certifications and are recognized by NJPHCC as eligible for second-year apprentice status? In addition to these great benefits, Eastwick was the first college whose credits were recognized towards the licence. In addition, one year of apprenticeship is awarded upon graduating.

Learn more about our HVACR Diploma Program offered at Eastwick College on our Nutley, NJ campus.