Computer Technology Degree or Diploma: 5 Reasons You Need It

computer chip close up

Earning a diploma or degree in computer technology can jumpstart your career. Electronic and computer technicians are needed in most industries; communications, automotive and aerospace are just a few. Technical skills are in high demand and having the right tools at the right time can help get your foot in the door in this competitive industry. With a computer technology degree or diploma, you learn the fundamentals of electronics before delving into more advanced training in specific areas like software, networking and hardware.

  • Demand

Though no program can guarantee employment upon graduation, demand for employees who hold a computer technology degree or diploma is growing. Technicians are needed in almost every industry from healthcare and engineering to communications and science. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment is expected to grow 7% between 2016 and 2026, adding over 20,000 jobs.

  • Financial Stability

A diploma in computer technology is just the first step in your career. With room to grow and advance with more certifications and experience, that means your income has room to grow too. The sky’s the limit in this field.

  • Diversity

There are many fields to choose to work in with a computer technology degree or diploma. You can become a programmer, find yourself in desktop support, or even manage a database. Securing a position in a company whose mission aligns with a side passion of yours is possible with the different opportunities this diploma provides.

  • Well-Rounded

Not only will you be the go-to person at your company for all things technology, you will be able to apply your knowledge in everyday technology mishaps. We live in a digital world and are surrounded by technology. Being confident in your ability to troubleshoot and solve problems is invaluable on the job.

  • Hands On

Do you learn better by getting your hands dirty and actually practicing the skill? If so, a computer technology degree or diploma may be just for you. Projects and assignments outweigh classroom style learning and some people benefit and learn better that way.

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