The Benefits of Becoming a Bilingual Licensed Practical Nurse (BLPN)

Bilingual Licensed Practical Nurse Bergen County

The road to becoming a Bilingual Licensed Practical Nurse (BLPN) might be challenging but knowing that there are plenty of benefits to the job can make the journey a little more worth it. Keep reading to learn more about some of the biggest pros that come with becoming a BLPN. 


Job Security 

The healthcare industry is always in need of more nurses, and the demand has only risen in recent months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Bilingual nurses are increasingly valuable to hospitals and doctor’s offices because their proficiency in another language allows them to adequately communicate with and treat non-English speaking patients, who make up a significant number of patients, especially in cities and urban areas. Because bilingual nurses are able to effectively treat a larger and more diverse group of patients, employers are actively seeking them out, which can translate to job security and potential promotion opportunities in the future. 


Travel Opportunities

Another great benefit of becoming a BLPN is that your specialized and highly valued skills could potentially lead to employment abroad. Whether an employer wants to transfer you to an international location or you’re interested in volunteering with a nonprofit organization, your bilingual or multilingual skills will make the transition easier and serve as a major asset to the company. Plus, you can use your days off to do some sight-seeing and exploring! 



All nurses exist to serve, comfort and care for their patients, but, again, bilingual nurses are unique in that they can ensure that everyone is getting the treatment and attention they need. By speaking with patients in their native language (a comfort in itself), BLPNs can connect with patients who may be difficult to understand by English-speaking nurses, which can result in better health outcomes when attempting to better understand symptoms and technicalities surrounding a diagnosis. As a result, these patients are more likely to communicate openly with their nursing staff, which allows the doctors to choose a more accurate or effective treatment plan that doesn’t conflict with the patient’s religious or cultural beliefs. Knowing you played a major part in fixing an isolated or struggling patient’s treatment plan and potentially saving their life is sure to result in long-term job satisfaction and overall fulfillment.


Jumpstart Your Career

Now that you know all the great advantages that come with being a Bilingual Licensed Practical Nurse, it’s time to get started with your new career. At Eastwick College, you can earn an Associates Degree in Bilingual Licensed Practical Nurse in as little as 18 months. Our BLPN students not only finish our program with the professional basic patient care and critical thinking skills needed to assist people in need, but a newfound desire to help change the world. Visit our website to enroll today!