4 Reasons Why Nursing Can Be a Rewarding Career

Nursing Career Bergen County NJ

Nursing can be a challenging field to be in, although it is also one of the most rewarding career paths. Nurses are absolutely crucial to the healthcare industry, and we all need nurses at some point in our lives. If you are passionate about patient care and pride yourself in your attention to detail, a career in nursing may be the perfect fit for you.

Huge Job Demand

A combination of the aging population and a shrinking nurse workforce has resulted in hundreds of thousands of job vacancies for nursing positions. In fact, entry level nursing positions, called Licensed Practical Nursing, that Eastwick College trains you for are expected to reach about one million vacancies by the year 2020. Wherever life takes you in the world, it is likely there are job openings for nurses.

Dynamic Environment

Day to day, your job as a nurse will rarely be the same. New patients, new situations, and new learning opportunities will constantly arise. Depending on the type of office you can end up working in, you will likely never find yourself bored at work.


Working in the healthcare industry, many employers are cognizant of the benefits which their hardworking employees need. Healthcare workers often enjoy benefits like health insurance, paid leave, and discounted gym memberships.

You’ll Make a Difference

Interacting one on one with patients while they are sick, and working to heal them can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Patients and nurses often create a more trusting bond than patients and their doctors because of the amount of time nurses spend with patients.

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