What Kinds of Jobs Do Welders Have?

Welding Career Bergen County NJ

Welding is one of the few fields that offer dynamic, lucrative career options without a four-year degree.

In fact, welders work alongside professionals in engineering, robotics, and project management with diplomas earned in a year or less.

Here are some career options open to certified welders:


Also known as hyperbaric welding, weld jobs sometimes need to happen underwater. Whether it’s ship repairs or offshore oil rigs, experienced welders can find positions doing this type of welding on location across the globe.


The military often uses contractors to complete jobs, including welding. Consulting companies that specialize in infrastructure and equipment repair may work with the military for jobs both domestic and abroad.

Ship Maintenance

If you like going on cruises, welding may be the career for you. Cruise ships hire welders to maintain and repair passenger ships during their journeys. Many ships hire welders and pay for their room and board with chef prepared meals in addition to compensation.

Green Collar Jobs

As the global economy grapples with harnessing energy from renewable and nonrenewable resources, welders can find opportunities in both industries. Infrastructure for wind and solar is growing, and you can feel good about the work that you’re doing.

People who have an affinity for travel might find themselves happy in a career that takes them all over the world for weld jobs. With an ever-changing list of opportunities for individuals in this field, learn more about how close you may be to pursuing your career in welding.