Exciting Careers That Can Be Studied In Two Years

2 Year Degree NJ

Associate degrees are an excellent option for students who want to earn a degree quickly and start a career without the expense and commitment of a four-year college. Eastwick College offers associate degrees in multiple fields that can be completed in as little as two years. Here are some exciting associate degree programs offered by Eastwick College:

Registered Nurse

The nursing and medical fields are constantly evolving and transforming. With jobs and salaries increasing consistently, this career is a promising one to enter. Becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) at Eastwick College gives students practical, in-depth knowledge of the many responsibilities of this profession, such as working with doctors, administering medications, and creating and managing patient care plans.

Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography

Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography is an exceptional program in terms of career potential. This program trains sonographers to use sound waves to create images of the heart and vascular system. Cardiovascular sonographers work closely with physicians for the diagnosis and treatment of patients. A well-respected field, it opens the gates to promising salary potential and exciting career opportunities.

Business and Hospitality

This versatile program trains students in business, hospitality, and management. Business and Hospitality graduates can work in various settings, including hotels, human resources, and marketing. As more new organizations enter the market and existing companies expand, the need for skilled professionals in business and finance is anticipated to increase. By obtaining proper training, one can capitalize on these career prospects.

Eastwick College offers Associate Degree programs in many fields, which can be earned at our campus locations throughout New Jersey. Visit our website to learn more, or contact us at 201-379-1884 today!