Health Information Technology: 4 Career Path Tips

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As it’s a relatively new and growing field, not everyone is familiar with the term health information technology (also known as HIT). Health IT is the 21st century’s solution to medical billing and coding, with a focus on using computer systems instead of paper records for storing and retrieving medical information, with new innovations every day.

Healthcare providers maintain health records for every patient that they meet, including information provided by patients (such as their symptoms and medical histories), observations made by healthcare providers and any treatments provided, so it’s critical that these records are well-maintained and accurate.

That’s where health information technologists come in: they help organize and evaluate these medical records to ensure they are complete and that there are no errors. They also communicate with physicians and other healthcare professionals to clarify diagnoses or to obtain additional information regarding the patient. It’s an important job as a small change in the diagnoses or procedure code utilized in a patient’s records could have larger impacts on insurance and other aspects of their care. Here are some tips for success in this growing field:

  • Stay on Your Toes

As mentioned, the health information technology field is rapidly growing and changing every day. New technologies are introduced and rolled out to healthcare systems constantly, and without the desire to learn as much as possible, these institutions can quickly fall behind. Being able to adapt and be flexible with the ongoing changes is a great trait to have when entering the health information technology field.

  • Be Compassionate

Without the desire to help others, a career in the health information technology field may not be right for you. For anyone who enters the healthcare field, the goal should be to always provide the best care possible for the patients. Compassion is just one characteristic you may want to have or work on if you are considering health information technology as a career path.

  • Communication is Key

Strong communication skills are a must when entering the HIT field. Though it seems you may be working behind-the-scenes on a computer most of the time, you will also often find yourself meeting and speaking with physicians and other staff. Effective communication is an important trait for someone in a record keeping position.

  • Get Certified

Working in this career path requires in-depth knowledge of medical record keeping. For that reason, getting an associate degree in health information technology is a key step in landing a job as a health information technologist. The health information technology degree from Eastwick College can give you the hands-on experience with the electronic record databases and skills needed to excel in your position.

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