3 Reasons to Consider Pursuing a Degree in Funeral Services

Funeral Services Associate Degree - Hackensack, NJ

The centuries-old tradition of directing funerals is a vital function of society. Those who work in the funeral service industry take pride in the work they do to preserve human dignity beyond death. If you’re looking for a career change, here’s what you should know about pursuing a career in Funeral Services.


  1. Funeral service workers offer an indispensable service in a family’s time of need. These individuals help to ensure that when a family member passes, they can be reassured that last wishes are met. This industry emphasizes ethical behavior when caring for those who have passed.
  2. Being part of the local community as a funeral service worker is relatively overlooked by those who do not work in the industry. Funeral service workers meet with families in the community and offer support that no other business can do. They are an integral part of the community in which they serve.
  3. Though no degree can guarantee employment or level of pay, the median pay of a funeral service worker according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is over $50,000 per year. Since funeral services are constantly in demand, work is steady and job outlook is expected to grow 5% in the coming year.

There are many reasons to work in funeral services, and those who work in this industry have fulfilling careers. There are a variety of positions one can find after obtaining an associate’s degree in this field. Read more about a degree in funeral service.