Responsibilities of a Surgical Technician

Surgical Technician Program Bergen County

The medical field is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, and medical professionals are needed now more than ever. Being a Surgical Technician opens the door to many opportunities and positions that other fields simply cannot match. Naturally, for anyone in the medical field, there are important responsibilities bestowed upon them. 

Helping Set up An Operating Area 

Having an optimal environment to work in is a huge must when performing lifesaving surgery. Surgical Technicians will find themselves helping to set up and sterilize an operating area before an important procedure takes place. This involves preparing supplies, cleaning and sanitizing after surgery, and getting the room set up for the next one. This is very important– having a clean and sterile work area prevents infections and other complications that may occur. 

Providing Pre-Surgery Care to Patient 

Patient care before surgery is just as important as care during and after the procedure. Surgical Technicians are responsible for providing care, both medical and supportive, to pre-op patients. This can involve checking their charts and forms, bringing them to the operating room itself, handling medication and fluids, and helping prepare the patient for surgery. A surgical technician may be one of the last people patients talk to before surgery, so knowing how to be supportive and providing care beforehand is a significant responsibility. 

Assisting Operating Team

Surgical technicians also have the task of taking part in the surgery itself. Whether it be assisting the surgeon during or after the operation, all care occurring inside the operating room is their responsibility. Technicians may find themselves preparing supplies and tools, assisting in dressing wounds, monitoring the patient, providing surgical scrub, preparing, collecting and labeling specimens, and keeping track of items, tools, and even lighting.  

An Eastwick College student can become a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) in as little as 18-months with our CAAHEP accredited Associate Degree in Surgical Technology Program on our Ramsey, NJ campus.