Medical Assisting: Initial Step in a Healthcare Career Path

Medical Assistant School - Bergen County NJ

Having a career in healthcare is one of the most exciting and in-demand occupations in the country. In the wake of the pandemic, health professionals are needed and appreciated now more than ever! The idea of starting a career in healthcare can be both exciting and daunting at the same time, as some may not know where to start. A great way to help kick start a healthcare career is to enroll in a medical assisting program. 

A medical assistant takes science, technology, and mathematics and applies it to caring for patients clinically. Being in a medical assisting program is one of the best ways to secure this entry-level occupation. It gives students an insight into both the administrative and procedural side of the medical field and helps them prepare for their entry into the field. It is one of the best positions to be in if you want to help improve the lives of others. Some things students learn in the program are handling medical records and other documents, assisting physicians, performing a number of medical tests, and basic patient care. These aspects and more are expected to be used in the real world setting once students become certified. 

Positions open to certified students include medical office manager, medical secretary, phlebotomist, ECG technician, and other overlapping occupations. The responsibilities are some of the most integral to the healthcare system. This includes recording patient information, measuring vitals, assisting doctors with examinations, and preparing and handling blood samples.

At Eastwick College, we provide a Medical Assisting Certification program for our students at our Hackensack, NJ, Nutley, NJ, and Ramsey, NJ campuses. In as little as 9 months (day) or 12 months (night), students enrolled can become certified in RMA, CPT, NCICS, and CET. Learn more about the program or visit our website for more excellent career advancing opportunities.