Benefits of Enrolling in an Ultrasound Technician Program

Ultrasound Technician School

When it comes to the medical field, everything is always changing. Advancements in technology have led to a steady increase in jobs pertaining to electronic medical tools that help save lives. An Ultrasound Technician fills a newer role, as they work with special equipment to help create images of the heart and other parts of the vascular system using sound waves. Amazingly, these sound waves translate into images on the computer and are then analyzed by doctors and other physicians to assist in diagnosing and helping patients. There are a plethora of benefits to enrolling in an Ultrasound Technician Program, especially right here at Eastwick!

Experience and Knowledge

The lessons and content students learn, and the experience they get simply from going through the program is already extraordinary. Students have access to our facility of special labs and equipment that employers also utilize heavily. Learning how to scan images with the actual equipment potential hiring employers use can go a long way when entering the field for the first time. Additionally, accreditations are available for select programs like ours to make graduates even more sought after by potential employers.

High Demand

This field is growing fast, and so is the demand for potential employees to fill those spots. With the aging population and the unfortunate rise in heart conditions like heart disease, ultrasound technicians are needed now more than ever. This position has shown that employment has increased more than the average occupation. All of this opens up the opportunity for long and successful careers for those who study to become cardiovascular sonographers, with the added benefit of competitive career salaries.

At Eastwick College, we offer our Ultrasound Technician program to those pursuing associates or bachelor’s degrees for a 24 month (day) or 30 month (evening) duration at our campuses in Ramsey, NJ and Nutley, NJ.