Start a unique and rewarding career Technical Science

  • Study close to home at our campus in Nutley
  • Earn up to 25 credits from previous trade education/employment

The AAS in Technical Studies program is designed to provide students the opportunity to use their work experience to further their education, become entrepreneurs, create jobs, and contribute to the economy of New Jersey.

The program teaches many aspects of starting your own business such as: developing business structure, legal and accounting hurdles, managing employees and clients, estimating and bidding on jobs, creating invoices, marketing, record keeping, controlling costs, and much more.

Eastwick College will award up to 25 quarter credits for previous trade/proprietary school preparation and for apprenticeship, corporate, industrial, or military training. This will also apply to any licensed Electrician, Plumber, or HVAC Technician.

General education credits attained from prior academic institutions may also be evaluated.

Program Duration:

12 Months (Day)


Associate Degree



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