Begin Your Electrician Apprenticeship with Eastwick College

At Eastwick College, we offer a wide range of programs and classes to help students find their passion and take that one extra step toward becoming successful in their career. One of these programs is our Electrician Apprenticeship. Becoming an electrician offers attractive benefits and it is an exciting field to get into as technology advances and infrastructure is upgraded. Now more than ever, electricians are more in need, especially with new investments in infrastructure on the horizon.

Our electrician apprenticeship program is a great opportunity for those wanting to get into the field. Electricians help to maintain and install wiring systems which in turn provides power, air-conditioning, and storage temperature for an assortment of purposes. At our campus, we teach practical skills such as following drawings and building plans and other soft skills such as problem-solving, planning, and organizing skills. We help prepare students to enter the NJIEC – New Jersey Independent Electrical Contractors apprenticeship and the opportunity of being awarded second-year apprentice status. This field is always changing and provides the foundation for a life-long career, so learning everything one can from their apprenticeship is key. 

What’s amazing about this field is that there is always a need for electricians as businesses are getting more and more digital and power dependent. In the NJ/NY metro area, an electrician’s average salary is $79,000! Hard work, dedication, and openness to learning can help you grow in this industry. 

At Eastwick College, students can become an apprentice or a licensed electrician through our electrician apprenticeship in either 9 months (Day) or 18 months (Evening). Learn more information online or schedule a visit with us to learn more about our Electrician Apprenticeship program.