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Three Certificate Programs That Can Jump Start Your Career

Computer Cert

If you’ve considered invigorating your career by obtaining a higher level of competency, you might be exploring different certificate programs in your field—or even a completely new one! Whether you’re stuck in a rut or you just want a fresh start without the commitment of a four-year college, consider these three certificate programs that might …

4 Reasons Why Nursing Can Be a Rewarding Career

Nursing is a rewarding career. Happy male nurse.

Nursing can be a challenging field to be in, although it is also one of the most rewarding career paths. Nurses are absolutely crucial to the healthcare industry, and we all need nurses at some point in our lives. If you are passionate about patient care and pride yourself in your attention to detail, a …

What Kinds of Jobs Do Welders Have?

Welding student welds piece of metal and causes sparks to fly out

Welding is one of the few fields that offer dynamic, lucrative career options without a four-year degree. In fact, welders work alongside professionals in engineering, robotics, and project management with diplomas earned in a year or less. Here are some career options open to certified welders: Underwater Also known as hyperbaric welding, weld jobs sometimes …

Five Reasons to Become an Electrician

Electrician student wires device

Electricity is vital to a society that’s always plugged in—and where there is electricity, there is demand for electricians. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook is positive for those in training to become an electrician. Over the next ten years, the job outlook for these unsung heroes is expected to grow 9%. …

Career Opportunities in the Operating Room

Surgical technology students practice performing surgery together

Eastwick College offers unique CAAHEP approved degree program for those looking to start a career as surgical technicians You see it everyday on shows like ER, Grey’s Anatomy and Mercy: dramatic scenes where skilled surgeons save lives right on the operating table.  You could be a part of the operating room “cast” in real life …

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