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Eastwick College Focuses on Transferable Skills

Business & Hospitality Degree - Hackensack, Nutley, NJ

In recent years, many high school graduates are weighing their options between pricey four-year institutions that will put them in decades of debt against colleges that offer associate’s degrees to prepare them for a specific career. For many, a school like Eastwick College is the right choice. Eastwick College’s Hospitality degree blends the skills needed …

Eastwick College Founder Honored for Dedication to Community Service

Thomas Eastwick, president and founder of Eastwick College was recognized in June 2017 for his dedication to the community and devotion to education. The award was presented at the Nutley Chamber of Commerce Membership Luncheon. Thomas Eastwick’s life’s work has been to educate those in need–that’s why Eastwick College provides students with an affordable education …

Eastwick College Offers Top Value

Newly graduated student smiling in front of tree

As student loan debt continues to mount in this country, young people are becoming increasingly wary of institutions that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and don’t prepare them with the skills necessary to enter the 21st century workforce. When weighing the options between entering the workforce or investing in higher education, schools need to …

Health Information Technology: 4 Career Path Tips

medical record

As it’s a relatively new and growing field, not everyone is familiar with the term health information technology (also known as HIT). Health IT is the 21st century’s solution to medical billing and coding, with a focus on using computer systems instead of paper records for storing and retrieving medical information, with new innovations every …

Plumber Apprenticeship: Skills for a Stable Future

Wrenches attached to pipe

A plumber apprenticeship is your first step to beginning a career in plumbing, pipefitting, or steamfitting. Since this job requires hands-on experience in order to do it well, four to five years of apprenticeship experience is required in order to begin your career. Fortunately, plumber apprentices are protected by unions, which guarantee a fair wage …

Occupational Therapy Career Path: What You Need to Know

Patient being helped to grab cylinder from board of cylinders

Occupational therapy provides patients in need with the guidance to be able to do everyday tasks. Occupational therapists work with children, adults with disabilities, and the elderly to empower each of them to do occupational tasks in order to get them through their day. Taking a therapeutic, holistic approach, occupational therapists help people regain their …

Information Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Eastwick Education has announced updated action regarding COVID-19

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