Why Office and Accounting Admin Is Vital in 2018

calculator with business accounting manual calculations

Computer skills are absolutely necessary in almost all industries as job descriptions consistently require proficiency with both basic and more advanced computer programs. A career in office and accounting administration requires knowledge of programs ranging from the Microsoft Office Suite to QuickBooks. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in fields which encompass office and accounting administration is expected to grow 10% from 2016 to 2026—that is over 773,000 new jobs. This percentage is higher than average compared to all other occupations.

The First Step

To secure a position in office and accounting administration, there are a core set of skills you need to be able to perform. With technology becoming more prevalent throughout our lives, the competition for these office jobs is increasing, and younger generations are very well seasoned in using a variety of programs and devices. A great first step you could take is enrolling yourself in Eastwick’s Business Operations and Accounting three month program. In this program you’ll work to become proficient in software such as Microsoft Office Suite and QuickBooks, two programs most companies want you to have experience with. With these skills under your belt, and up to 23 college credits in modern office administration, you would have a competitive advantage over the other prospects.

Why This Matters

Office and accounting administration skills are vital to employers, and proficiency in programs like Microsoft Word are not enough to impress a future boss. The more advanced experience you have, the better chance of landing an office and accounting administration position. Your value in the job market can increase significantly after you complete the business operations and accounting certificate program at Eastwick College.

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