Careers a Diploma in Medical Assisting Can Prepare You For

medical assisting

Medical Assisting is one of the fastest growing fields of study in the United States today. In fact, the Department of Labor ranks medical assisting as one of the fastest growing occupations in the healthcare industry. With an aging population, the healthcare industry is booming and hospitals and other healthcare facilities are in need of qualified individuals who can fill supporting roles. With a diploma in Medical Assisting from Eastwick College, new career options can open up, right in your community. Here are some examples of careers a diploma in medical assisting can prepare you for:

Medical Office Manager

A medical office manager handles the business side of a doctor’s office or hospital. If you pursue a career as a Medical Office Manager, your day-to-day responsibilities would include tasks like managing the administrative staff, overseeing billing, making sure the office equipment is stocked and ensuring medical records are coded correctly. This position is ideal for those who have a solid understanding of business and a strong understanding of medicine to effectively communicate with doctors and nursing staff.

Medical Assistant

A medical assistant maintains medical supplies inventory, and maintains patient rooms to keep the office running. A medical assistant is the first person that talks to a patient to collect information like medical history and reason for the visit. They also take a patient’s blood pressure, weight, and temperature. If you’re a people person, pay attention to detail, and enjoy the medical aspect of a medical assisting program, you’d be suitable for this type of career.

Medical Administrator or Medical Secretary

A medical administrator, also known as a medical secretary, serves a supporting role in a medical facility. Medical administrators bill patients, maintain accounts receivables, prepare medical records, and keep the front of the office running. Medical administrators should have excellent customer service and a working knowledge of the business side of a medical office. Having an understanding of medicine is helpful for this position as medical coding is a huge part of this job.

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