Things to do in Hackensack, NJ

Eastwick college hackensack campus front lawn

Hackensack, New Jersey is a fantastic city located just a few train tracks away from the Big Apple. For students studying in Eastwick College’s various certificate, diploma and degree programs in the Hackensack branch, there are so many things to do after class. Here are just a few:

The Green

This park is the heart of Hackensack. Cultural events, art shows and more take place here, and the grounds make a great place to hang out and relax for an afternoon. One of the draws of this park is the First Reformed Church, which is one of New Jersey’s oldest churches formed in 1696. Additionally, there is a monument where Continental Army Brigadier General Enoch Poor was buried. General Enoch Poor was one of George Washington’s closest advisers.

Hackensack Performing Arts Center

The recently completed cultural hub of Hackensack, New Jersey offers visitors the pleasure of experiencing local artists and renowned performances. Downstairs, you can browse the gallery which displays works of art created by members of the community. Upstairs, in the venue that seats 224 spectators, musicians from a variety of genres from pop to jazz will be featured.

Main Street

The revitalization of Main Street Hackensack is alive and well. With so many small businesses popping up, there is a wide variety of shops to check out and restaurants to enjoy. The Main Street Business Alliance has encouraged hundreds of small business owners to choose Hackensack, providing fantastic goods and services to Hackensack residents. Check out all the wonderful things happening on main street at Hackensack Main Street.

Visiting these local attractions while a taking courses at Eastwick College helps to enrich our students’ experiences here. Explore the available programs in Hackensack, New Jersey at Eastwick College