Three Certificate Programs That Can Jump Start Your Career

Certification Programs Bergen County NJ

If you’ve considered invigorating your career by obtaining a higher level of competency, you might be exploring different certificate programs in your field—or even a completely new one! Whether you’re stuck in a rut or you just want a fresh start without the commitment of a four-year college, consider these three certificate programs that might be interesting to you!

Computer Certification Programs

With so many topics to explore, computer certifications can give you the tools you need to ace your next job interview. Eastwick College offers students the ability to study anything from Fiber Optics Certification, Project Management, Network Security and Photovoltaic Technology. These certificates are recognized in a wide variety of fields.

Computer Concepts and Applications

If you work in an office setting, or have aspirations of working in one, this certificate course could be right for you. This course sharpens your computer skills for applications that have become vital for most organizations across the U.S. These computer classes can equip you with the ability to confidently utilize the Microsoft Office Suite, QuickBooks and Access.

Medical Billing and Coding

The healthcare industry is experiencing rapid job growth in recent years. If you like the idea of a career in healthcare, but you aren’t interested in diagnosing and treating illnesses, consider a future in medical coding and billing. Receiving your certificate in medical billing and coding could also lead to other educational opportunities at Eastwick College as credits from these medical billing courses can transfer to the Health Information Technology Associate Degree Program.