Why the Occupational Therapy Field Keeps Growing

Occupational Therapy Assistant Program in Bergen County, NJ

Occupational therapy is a form of therapy for those recovering from a physical or mental illness/injury that encourages rehabilitation through the performance of daily activities. Though there are many reasons that the occupational therapy field is growing, rising elderly populations are a large factor. The increase in life expectancy has led to a significant, corresponding increase for occupational therapy assistant (OTA) jobs. This is because elderly individuals can often benefit from an occupational therapist. For those looking to enter the healthcare workforce, an occupational therapy assistant degree from Eastwick College could be the perfect gateway to one of the fastest growing jobs in the country.

The Massive Employment Growth in Occupational Therapy Assistants

The employment of OTAs estimates a massive 31 percent growth rate between the years 2018 and 2028 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is considered to be much faster than average (with that average being 5 percent growth), highlighting what truly makes this a worthwhile field to consider when choosing a career path. The NY/NJ metro area additionally has the highest number of employees working as OTAs in any metro area throughout the United Sates. The average annual wage for the NY/NJ Metro area is approximately $66,520 for occupational therapy assistants.

What are the Reasons for OTA Growth?

Other than the rising average life expectancy across America, there are a variety of reasons for OTA growth. Policy plays a significant role (for instance) as the implementation of the Affordable Care Act throughout America has made rehabilitative services one of the ten health benefits now considered essential. In consequence, OTAs are very much in-demand—raising the likelihood of those who select that career path finding success. Although we can’t guarantee employment with absolute certainty upon graduation, the future looks bright for those who enter the healthcare field… especially for occupational therapy assistants.