How to Get Your Start in Manufacturing Technology

welding student practices welding a table

Millennials make up a huge portion of the workforce today, which means younger minds that have been raised with the internet in their lives are bringing new energy into so many industries. Manufacturing technology is not immune to these changes, and technology is advanced each year by a generation of well-trained, technologically savvy workers in the welding, machine shop, ironwork, and fabrication fields with the addition of technologies like CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing).

The Changing Face of Manufacturing Technology

There are many opportunities in this industry, as reported by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2017. As job openings grow, the number of qualified workers may not meet the demand. Old stigmas that once dissuaded people from pursuing this profession are being turned around to attract new employees. Cleaner, safer workplaces with better pay and benefits are rising, and the ability to work with cutting edge technologies has a growing number of individuals interested in manufacturing technology.

Beginning Your Career

To begin a career in manufacturing technology, you must first gain experience with the tools of the trade and earn certifications. Credentialing organizations can sometimes change requirements, so it is vital that those in this field establish a solid knowledge base to be able to meet the standards. Having skills in a variety of trades helps to mitigate risk when a certain skillset is not in demand. That’s why Eastwick College’s Manufacturing Technology diploma program covers skillsets required for the four major segments of manufacturing technology.

Graduates of this program are eligible for certification in the National Institute for Metalworking Skills and AWS Structural Standards. The courses prepare you for code certification with a curriculum that covers current manufacturing theory and practices. It can take years to become qualified for advanced manufacturing jobs, but Eastwick College’s 9-month day program is designed to prepare you for an exciting career.

If you’d like to begin a career in Manufacturing Technology, apply to earn your diploma today.