Frequently Asked Questions about a Health Science Degree

Health Science Degree Nutley NJ

The field of healthcare is exploding with seemingly limitless possibilities with each new medical breakthrough that’s discovered. With many branches of medicine, hundreds of thousands of jobs exist within the healthcare arena, and with advances in technology, those numbers are sure to increase. The field of study within healthcare that touches all areas of the subject is called “Health Sciences.” A degree in health sciences can help students get their foot in the door to entering the ever-growing field of healthcare. Here are some frequently asked Health Science Degree questions:

What is Health Science?

Health Science can best be described as a large variety of skills relating to providing health care to patients through applications in science, technology, and mathematics. These skills are used in practical and clinical approaches to improve and maintain the health of everyone. Branches and studies involved in Health Science are almost infinite and programs like the ones Eastwick College provides a wide assortment of lessons and education.

What Do Students Learn?

Health Science Programs involve educating students on entry-level skills involved with the medical field. This also includes how to perform jobs not related to directly helping patients like managing records and scheduling of all kinds. Students learn from both written and hands-on lessons. All of this helps to prepare students for a variety of roles outside the classroom.

What Positions Are Available for Graduates?

The goal of Health Science programs, like Eastwick College’s is to prepare students for many potential occupations, primarily medical assistant, medical secretary, or medical office manager. Other potential jobs like phlebotomist, ward clerk, EKG technician, patient care technician, unit secretary, and stress test technician are also available. Opportunities for employment exist in a hospital setting but can extend to doctor’s offices or other clinical facilities.

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