BS in Nursing: The Smart Career Move

Bachelor's Degree In Nursing NJ

Finding the right career in this day and age can be challenging with so much competition out there and so many avenues to explore to find work. With more opportunities and jobs expanding every year, the choices are numerous and very different from each other. Some careers are on the decline while others are on the rise. It’s vital to choose a path that is as interesting day-to-day as it is in demand. A job that checks all those boxes is nursing. Here’s why pursuing a BS in Nursing is a smart career choice:

Endless Opportunities
Studying to become a nurse of any kind opens the door to amazing opportunities. There are nurses in numerous different areas of medicine and the healthcare industry to fit anyone’s preference on what one may want to do. Studying nursing to get a degree prepares students not only for the workforce but for unique opportunities not open to anyone else.

Expanding Field
The expanding medical field and the growth of medicine and technology are strong signs of nursing’s continued growth and demand. Projections show that the number of Bachelor of Science Nurses will grow by almost 10 percent at the end of the decade from what it was in 2020. CBS News even predicts that around 190,000 BSN jobs will be open.

Higher Earnings
Those in the medical field, including BSNs, have the opportunity to earn higher salaries compared to other fields. An increase in demand and jobs will yield more earnings in this field as the need for medical care increases with an aging population. Depending on which branch in the medical industry prospective nurses want to go into, salaries will be higher depending on the specialty.

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