Advancing your BSN Career at Eastwick College

Registered Nursing Program NJ

Obtaining a degree of any kind is an achievement in and of itself. Still, as we advance in skill throughout work experiences, we may want to back up that experience with a more advanced degree in order to be eligible for promotions. For example, an associate’s degree is required to become a registered nurse (RN), but you can further your career as a nurse with a bachelor’s degree.

Easier Time Moving Up
If you are already an RN, going back to school for a higher education in the field can feel like a logical next step if you crave advancement in a field you love working in. Obtaining a BSN degree opens the door to more opportunities to work as a nurse full-time. You will also see different salaries and tasks.

Bridge Programs
Eastwick College now has a program that will make getting your BSN much easier. This program is for people who are already registered nurses or licensed in nursing. These programs help close the gap between what you already know and what you have to learn to get a bachelor’s degree. Enrolling in a program like this saves you time on getting that degree you may not have considered pursuing in the past.

Flexible Time
Eastwick College has options for your learning experience. Night and day classes are offered so you can enroll in whichever fits your schedule best. There are many benefits to getting a bachelor’s degree in nursing that can help with your career advancement. Finding the best program that works for you will help tremendously, so see how Eastwick can help you!

At Eastwick College, students who are Licensed Practical Nurses or Registered Nurses have the opportunity to advance further with our LPN-to-BSN Bridge Program. Visit our website to learn more at or contact us at 201-379-1884 today!