What Can You Do With a Certification in Business Operations?

Business Operations Degree - Bergen County

In today’s day and age, technology is the driving efficiency factor in business. It’s expected for employees to have basic skills in commonly used products, such as Microsoft Word, but even within Microsoft Office, there are endless functions that can streamline operations. Learning these computer skills can give you the competitive advantage needed when applying for office and administrative jobs.

Certificate Program in Business Operations

The job market for business operations professionals is constantly growing. In as little as six months, students are able to earn their certificate with 25 college credits in office administration. The classes, which are located in Ramsey, Hackensack, and Nutley, New Jersey give an overview of Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, and accounting principles. Students with this degree often take on administrative office positions that can lead to managerial positions down the line. Some students who seek this certificate are encouraged by management to apply when more advanced skills are required for a higher paying position. Companies large and small are in need of these roles, giving students a range of opportunities after completing the program. 

The Growing Need for Business Operations 

From 2016 to 2026, the projected growth is 10% for business operation professionals, with 773,800 available jobs. 

At Eastwick College, the Business Operations Certificate Program prepares students with the tools necessary for a successful career in all aspects of business operations.