Things to Do in Nutley, NJ

Vocational School In Nutley NJ

Eastwick College’s Nutley campus has a lot to offer students. In addition to academics, Eastwick College Nutley in New Jersey gives students the environment they need to thrive. Whether you’re studying Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography, Electronics and Computer Technology or Office and Accounting Administration, this campus might be just right for you. Here are some things to enjoy while you’re a student in Nutley, NJ:

Enjoy the Parks

Stroll along Third River from Kingsland Park all the way down to Booth Park. The parks around Nutley have beautiful scenery, especially during the Fall and Spring when trees are adorned with beautiful foliage or bright blooms. One of the parks that shines in Nutley is Yanticaw park, where there are scenic bridges and paths to explore.

Local Foods

Nutley has fantastic restaurants to try, something that students in our culinary school will especially love. Being in New Jersey, one of the specialties to try in Nutley is their bagels. Whether you order your morning sandwich as a Taylor Ham and Egg, or a Pork Roll sandwich, this morning delight will not disappoint. Also on your list of local cuisines to try should be stuffed cupcakes. This local delicacy is beloved by residents in the area. Are you a carnivore? Check out the local restaurants that specialize in wings and barbecue.

See a Play

One of the gems of this town is the Nutley Little Theatre. The theater looks like an old red barn house, and in fact, it was once a jam factory. This community-run theater has been a staple in town life since the 1930’s, and still runs performances today. Their plays are constantly changing, and it’s a joy to witness the passionate performances of members of the community.