How to Get a Tech Job

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Jobs in the technology industry are booming in the United States. By the year 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that over 500,000 new jobs will be created in this sector. Since the median pay for a tech job for someone with an Associate’s Degree is around $66,000, there is a significant potential for a return on investment for your education.

What Companies Expect in a Candidate

Working in tech jobs can be challenging—to be successful in this field, one needs to be able to work with a team and learn from peers. At the same time, hiring managers look for someone who is capable enough to work independently when needed. What sets a candidate ahead from the rest in this field is a desire to keep learning and adapting to innovative technologies. Passionate, qualified individuals who fit the corporate culture have an excellent chance at securing a tech job.

It’s important to have a can-do attitude on a tech job like this. Often, other individuals are coming to you with technology related questions. Understandably, computers can be confusing to those who do not have advanced education dealing with various types of software, hardware or other programs. Having a positive disposition, in combination with a solid base of experience and education are great qualities to have going into an interview for a tech job. Though there are many paths to finding a career in this industry, here are a few certifications offered at Eastwick College that can prepare you for a tech job.

Electronics and Computer Technology

There are vast possibilities for those with a diploma in the Electronics and Computer Technology field. Opportunities reside in communications, aerospace, marine, automotive and industrial industries, to name a few. Companies in these industries are in demand of professionals equipped with the knowledge of the fundamentals to keep machinery running efficiently. The Electronics and Computer Technology diploma program at Eastwick College can prepare you for an entry level position as an Electronics and Computer Technology technician.

IT/Network Support

By earning an Associate’s Degree in IT/Network support, you’ll learn the fundamentals of computer networking, hardware, software, fiber optics and wireless technology. Companies in virtually every industry need access to professionals in this field since business is conducted largely in the virtual world. For those who live nearby the Nutley, NJ campus where this degree is offered, the area’s average salary for a computer network support specialist is $85,950. In just 18 months, or 24 months of evening classes, you could have the intellectual capital to prepare you for this type of profession.

Computer Certification Courses

A certificate in a computer applications can be a deciding factor between yourself and another candidate in an interview situation. For jobs that require knowledge of skills with computers, these courses can be indispensable for success in that position. The confidence you exude when going into an interview prepared to answer detailed questions about Photovoltaic Technology, Cisco Networking Technologies, or even Computer Server Technology can be what influences an employer to put your resume at the top of the pile for a tech job.

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