How to Get a Surgical Technology Certification

Surgical Technology Certification - Bergen County

Has working in an operating room been something you’ve always wanted to do? If you grew up loving the adrenaline rush of those intense ER television shows and wanted to be in their shoes, surgical technology might be the career path for you. As a surgical technologist, your role in the operating room will be to set up and prepare the equipment and patient before the operation. During the operation you will make sure all equipment is set, sterilized and ready to go, and after the operation you will be restocking, cleaning and prepping the room for the next procedure. Before entering the operating room, however, you must earn your surgical technology certification with a degree.

  • Earn Your Associate Degree

The first step to prepare for a surgical technology certification is to obtain an associate degree in surgical technology from either a CAAHEP or ABHES-accredited school. Key procedures of an operating room will be just one of the topics covered while enrolled in the program, along with how to stay calm and focused under high pressure situations. At Eastwick College, students learn in a complete surgical operating room laboratory that is supervised by a surgical professional.

  • Take the Exam

After obtaining an associate degree, it will be time to study and prepare for the Certified Surgical Technician (CST) exam. The goal is to pass the test and earn the title of CST. From there, CSTs are required to become recertified every four years to stay up-to-date with the latest surgical technology advancements and procedures. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment as a surgical technologist is expected to grow 12%, creating more than 12,500 jobs from now until 2026.

Learn about Surgical Technology Certification by earning an associate degree from Eastwick College.