Local college trains students for latest trends in tech

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It’s probably not something you think about that often, but the average American has multiple computers in the house, whether it’s a laptop, a tablet, or even the smartphone in your pocket. But when something goes catastrophically wrong with one of them, few actually know how to fix them beyond maybe pleading with the device to miraculously start working again. And with the recent series of “ransomware” cyberattacks against large organizations, there is a heightened sense of the need for skilled IT professionals in the business sector as well.

That’s where Eastwick College Nutley comes in. For over 20 years they’ve been training the techs that fix your computer when it refuses to turn on and much more, with training in IT security, networking, hardware and software, fiber optics and electrical components. Earlier last year, they added an associate degree path in order to meet the needs from employers in the area and provide greater career opportunities for graduates.

The demand for those trained to install, maintain and repair our technological tools continues to grow: the average computer network support specialist in the NY/NJ Metro Area makes $85,950, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, with a 12% growth in new jobs by 2024.

In addition to a variety of recent upgrades to the curriculum, students of the electronics and computer degree at Eastwick College Nutley are able to sit for an impressive list of highly-regarded industry certifications, which include Electronics Systems Associate by ISCET; Certified Fiber Optics Technician by FOA; CompTIA A+ and Security+, and Microsoft Certified Professional’s Network Fundamentals. It’s all part of the college’s adaptive policy for developing curriculum to meet the hiring needs of employers in the area according to the college.

“Over the years, we’ve developed valuable relationships with some of the biggest employers in the area, and frequently review our curriculum to ensure that it best matches their workforce needs,” explains President Thomas M. Eastwick. “That’s why, time and time again, they come to us to say how well prepared our graduates are for their new careers, with the confidence and training they need to jump right in and succeed. With the recent expansion to our electronics and computer tech program, I expect we’ll hear more good things.”

Eastwick College Nutley, previously HoHoKus RETS-Nutley, started out in 1947 simply as RETS: Radio, Electronics and Television School. Radio technology then was a huge industry, and telephones were the primary form of communication. Now of course, computers and fiber optics have taken the place of radio waves and phone wires, but the same principles still apply: the best jobs go to those with the best training.

Graduates of the program are prepared to earn positions as technicians in a wide variety of fields such as fiber optics, networking/wireless technologies, telecommunications, and many other jobs that include network administration, as well as the assembly, installation, and maintenance of digital computer and electronic products.

To learn more about the electronics and computer technology program offered by Eastwick College Nutley, call 973-661-0600 or visit www.eastwick.edu. Follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/EastwickEducation or on Twitter at @EastwickCollege.